February Special on Site Audits

20% discount extended through February 28th

We’re offering a 20% discount for all technical site audits ordered this month!

Site Owners

After performing a comprehensive technical audit of your website, we provide a formal report, detailing your site’s current status, with specific recommendations to correct any deficiencies we find.

If you’ve seen your rankings or traffic fall off, there’s always a reason for it. Occasionally, it’s simply because your competitors have outpaced you, but most often, it’s because you’ve failed to optimize certain aspects of your site that the search engines’ algorithms consider important. Finding those missed opportunities and helping our clients optimize their sites is our specialty.

Our audit looks at such things as:

  • site architecture
  • URL structure
  • navigation
  • mobile responsiveness
  • languages and structure
  • status codes
  • internal linking
  • inbound link profile
  • outbound linking
  • meta data
  • crawl and index
  • sitemap
  • .htaccess
  • robots.txt
  • semantic markup
  • pageload speed
  • image handling
  • redirects
  • canonicals
  • browser compatibility
  • content quality/quantity
  • keyword usage

We report what we find in each of these areas and explain the relative importance of each. Where appropriate, we’ll outline corrective measures you should take to improve your site’s status. We explain the risks associated with each deficiency and prioritize any corrective actions, as well as provide an estimate of when each change may be expected to gain traction.

Our audit reports are not simply a relabeled version of some tool’s analysis of your site. We utilize several tools to extract the necessary information, then manually analyze the data and present the report in our own format, tailored specifically for your site.

After you’ve received our report, we’ll schedule a call to go through it with you point by point, clarifying any gray areas and answering any questions you may have. Contact us today at Audits for an obligation-free cost proposal. Someone will get back to you promptly.

SEO/SEM Colleagues

Colleagues can qualify for an additional 12% discount this month, for a total 32% discount from our standard pricing and receive a white label report.