Pricing Considerations

Very few services such as those we offer can be readily priced, without having a good idea of what the scope of the project will be. In reality, if someone gives you a “package price” without knowing more about what the job will entail, one of two things is true:

  1. they’re quoting you a high price, “in case” the scope is extensive;
  2. they’re quoting you a limited scope, “regardless” of what the job really calls for.

Either way, you’re not getting the best value possible for your money – you’re either paying too much or receiving too little. Maybe both.

What to Watch Out For

If someone quotes you a price for optimizing your site without knowing its URL or having a chance to at least check it out superficially, then you’re likely talking to an amateur. Just knowing how many pages your site includes is not enough information to allow anyone to put together an accurate cost proposal. We generally take a full day to scrutinize a site before giving a firm price for optimization… there are simply too many variables to consider.

What to Expect

When preparing a cost proposal for optimization of a website, there are many things to take into consideration, such as the niche, competition level, the size of the site, the platform and markup involved and the general condition of the website, to name just a few. A conscientious professional consultant will normally ask for access to your Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics accounts for the site, and depending upon the architecture, may also ask for CPanel access.

They’ll also take a look at the underbelly of your site… its architecture, usability, accessibility, pageload, indexability and more, to determine how extensive the scope will be. Whether they’ll be implementing changes or simply making suggestions and whether they’ll be in the loop for all activities that can affect the site will be a factor, as well.

What it all boils down to is time – how much time the consultant will have to dedicate to your site every day, week or month.