Site Audit

Every website can be better than it already is. Some are already very good, but from an SEO standpoint, nearly all can still be improved upon. Others are in really bad shape, and need some serious work to make them productive again.

Unfortunately, some are so bad at something that they’ve been penalized and need a LOT of work to even get back in the game.

That’s where a comprehensive site audit comes in. In order to determine what actions need to be taken, the first step is to identify the starting point. A site audit puts the site under a microscope to determine its current condition, identify all its strengths and weaknesses and provide the information needed to formulate a plan for improvement of its condition.

Find the problems, fix them, prevent a recurrence

There are various levels of site audits, ranging from ultra-basic snapshots to finely-detailed, page-by-page audits. Which is called for in any given situation depends on many factors.

At IVSEO, we start with a basic survey of 21 top and medium-level criteria, including, but not limited to:

On-site –

Among other things, this includes the site architecture, in terms of internal linking and navigation, URL structure, redirects, meta tags and title tags, keyword utilization, headings, image handling, cross-browser compatibility, mobile readiness and the quality and quantity of content.

Off-site –

This mostly includes linking (inbound and outbound) and traffic, paying special attention to the link profile, but also includes social presence, site performance, response codes, crawl errors and indexation issues .

We look at many other factors, as well, but don’t normally report on them unless an issue is detected.

We also pursue all our audits with a value-add philosophy. We look not only at what can be done to correct errors, but also at what measures can be implemented to improve the site’s productivity even beyond our client’s expectations.

We present our findings in a formal written report, accompanied by our point-by-point recommendations.

If your site’s performance isn’t what it should be, and you want detailed actionable items, contact us for a quotation. We’ll respond promptly with an itemized cost proposal to suit your needs. Our rates are extremely competitive and we pride ourselves on over-delivering. Our basic reports usually run at least 8 – 12 pages for small sites, but can easily run up to 40 pages or more for more complex sites and are packed with details of our findings and specific, actionable recommendations, prioritized by risk and impact.

If you’d like a more detailed idea of what our site audit provides, here’s a description of what should be learned from a site audit.