SEO Consulting

There was a time when people looked at a website as simply a convenience that allowed a business to showcase its products or services. You could print the URL on your business card and hand it to a client or prospect, and direct them to it if they wanted to view your offering. Little thought was given to how people would find your site if you didn’t hand them that card.

While having a website certainly still allows your business to expound upon its virtues, it’s by no means simply a convenience in today’s connected market. Unless you’re willing to depend solely upon word of mouth or the yellow pages in your local market, you need a website. And you can’t depend upon word of mouth for it to be viewed.

SEO, or search engine optimization, can pass out your business cards for you, in a manner of speaking. By properly implementing a number of different techniques, SEO makes your website easier to find via the search engines. With billions of pages on the Internet, your site is like one business card in a warehouse full of other cards. Effective SEO techniques can pull your card to the top of the pile, and put it in front of a user who’s interested in precisely what your site offers.

There are many methods of accomplishing that. Some techniques work well for one business but not so well for another. A professional SEO consultant will begin by determining what your company offers, who are the most likely to utilize that offering and how to best reach them. Simultaneously, he’ll tell you how to structure your site’s data in such a way as to ensure that when a user asks a search engine [for your product or service], your website will be prominently displayed in the results.

He’ll also ensure that the snippet of information that’s displayed in those results is likely to entice the user to follow the link to your site. Finally, he’ll guide you in implementing various techniques to make the information on your site easy to find and understand, whether being viewed from a computer or a mobile device, or possibly by a user that is impaired in some fashion.

Get the picture? He’s helping you hand out your business cards by the millions, to people that are already looking for a site just like yours!

That’s what Intrinsic Value SEO will do for you – we’ll help you to optimize your site so that it will be prominently displayed by the search engines for relevant searches, will indicate its relevance to the users in those results and convince them to visit your site, and then quickly and easily satisfy their needs to convert them into customers.

If you’re tired of handing out business cards to people you may never hear from again, contact Intrinsic Value now, for a no-obligation cost proposal for our services. We’ll bring to bear the skills of our team of professionals to help you take your business to that “next level” everyone’s always talking about.