Query Research

Any SEO or ad campaign must begin with solid research to identify the search terms that will enable you to best target your prospective customers. Without this critical building block, you’re essentially shooting in the dark. If you’re targeting the wrong queries, you may see increased traffic, but since your visitors aren’t as targeted, your conversions will be down and your bounce rate may be up.

However, identifying the terms alone is no longer enough. The search engines’ algorithms take several other factors into consideration when matching a page to a query. Our query research service considers all the relevant factors than can affect the way the algorithms match those queries to your pages.

Combining the results from several different tools, we drill down in our keyword research, to determine the true nature of the query, as seen by the search engines. We then filter out the outliers and focus on the terms that will really qualify your visitors. We deliver your query research in an Excel file, prioritized by competitive level, number of searches, number of results (and cost per click, if appropriate), with graphics to enable you to easily select the most effective keywords for your site’s content in accordance with your goals.

Without focused query research, your online marketing efforts will be fruitless. You may know what you would use as a search term, but are you certain you really know what your visitors will type into the Google search  box? You might be surprised to learn how different the two can often be.

Contact us today to perform comprehensive query research for your website. You’ll see the difference that solid research can make.