Paid Advertising – PPC

PPC (pay per click) advertising can be extremely effective, as it can deliver highly targeted traffic to your site, ready to convert. But properly managing a PPC campaign isn’t as straightforward as some believe.

There are two sides to PPC: you pay and you receive targeted traffic. Many SEOs are able to perform the keyword research necessary to determine the most effective keywords for your pages. And all too many are able to spend your money as if it was…. well, not theirs.

The key to an ideal PPC program is to minimize your ad spend while maximizing targeted traffic. Achieving both is the mark of a true PPC professional. That’s what Intrinsic Value SEO brings to the table – true professionals – specialists in various paid advertising programs.

Virtually anyone can spend your money on paid advertising and get you more traffic. But if that traffic doesn’t convert, what good is it to you? The skill comes into play in managing your campaign in a fashion that only highly targeted visitors see your ads, so you achieve a high conversion rate. Doing it right can give an incredible boost to your bottom line. Doing it wrong can exhaust your budget while providing no ROI.

This means that your traffic numbers may decrease as our PPC program begins to gain traction. That’s okay, though, because the visitors you receive will be more targeted to your offering. An effective conversion funnel will ensure that even though traffic diminishes, your conversion rate and total sales will increase.

Contact Intrinsic Value SEO now for a no-obligation cost proposal of our services, so we can get you started on your newer, healthier bottom line.