Page-Load Speed Optimization (PLO)

Optimizing page-load speed for a web page involves looking at several different aspects of the site and implementing a number of “fixes” to minimize the storage space used, the bandwidth consumed and the download and display of pages in a browser. Normally, a website can be functionally rendered in 2 seconds or less by proper setup.

IVSEO’s PLO service involves performing an audit of a site’s pages, analyzing the time required from request to functional display of various site content. We then prescribe steps to resolve the page-load speed issues that are causing excessive load time and make specific recommendations to “fix” the issues (we can also be available to implement the fixes on you behalf).

How do we Analyze your Page-Load Speed?

  • Image optimization – file format, image dimensions, file size and compression
  • Minify – are the JS, CSS and HTML files minified?
  • Cache – are pages and their elements properly cached or does each visit require a new download?
  • Concatenation – are JS and CSS files aggregated for fast recovery from the server?
  • JS Deferred/Asynch – are JS elements either deferred or marked up for async loading?
  • Compression – are files compressed using gzip or an equivalent?
  • Lazyloading – are images programmed for lazy-loading upon scroll?
  • Requests minimized – are requests to the server kept to a minimum?
  • Theme – does the theme include a lot of options that require downloading, even if those options aren’t in use on the page?

After we’ve assessed your site’s current state, we’ll prepare a report, outlining what we found that needs to be improved, along with specific recommendations to be implemented to get your page-load speed to an acceptable level. Although Google says 3 seconds is a respectable load time, our goal is to achieve 2 seconds or better. Implementation can be performed by you or by us, for a nominal additional charge.

Prices for our PLO service vary, depending upon the size of your website and its current condition, how much involvement you want from us in implementation of the fixes and the resources available (such as original images). The cost may range between $500 and $1,000 USD for small to medium sites of up to around 50 pages, with larger sites and ecommerce sites with many products running slightly higher.

We’d love to explain more about our PLO service – contact us and we’ll respond as quickly as possible, so we can get started whipping your site into shape right away.