Conversion Optimization

Far too many site owners are constantly chasing traffic or rankings, while they’re laboring with a conversion rate of 1% or less. Guess what, folks – traffic and rankings don’t buy anything! Only converted traffic means anything to your bottom line!

The conversion process starts before the user even arrives on your site. Your page’s presentation in the SERPs set the mood. If your snippet entices them to click through, they’re already in your conversion funnel. The trick is to keep them in that funnel, until they buys what you’re selling.

Properly qualifying your visitors is the first step, and can have a great bearing on your conversion rate. You can offer free software or nude pictures of some diva and get lots of traffic, but if you’re selling Heavy Metal posters, the flood of visitors you get will be 100% unqualified. And your conversion rate will drop like a brick.

Conversely, properly targeted users will arrive on your site already qualified. They already have an interest in what your snippet offers, and can enter as visitors and exit as customers. Of course, by attracting only targeted users, your sales and conversion rate can go up drastically, too.

Pretty easy to see which of the two scenarios is preferable, right?

So the first thing to do is stop worrying about traffic numbers. They mean nothing! Concern yourself with better targeting, and with feeding those targeted visitors through your conversion funnel – THAT’S what will be your measure of success.

Our team will work with you to develop a sales strategy that will grab your visitors’ interest immediately, and build it all the way through the conversion process. We’ll provide you with effective landing pages and conversion tactics, backed by proven results. Contact us today, and we’ll get started immediately at boosting your bottom line.