Our Services

This is a list of the principle services offered by the Intrinsic Value SEO team:

Primary Services

Privacy Compliance

The recent implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union has many businesses scrambling to comply – particularly businesses outside the EU. Don’t assume that because you aren’t in Europe or have no European customers, you’re not subject to the Regulation.

While there are complexities for some businesses, GDPR compliance isn’t typically an unmanageable issue. IVSEO has thoroughly researched the Regulation and we can help you put in place the proper policies and procedures to help you ensure your company doesn’t fall prey to any punitive actions from the European Commission.

Note: We have recently added compliance audits for the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada) as well. 

Site Security

Regardless how much targeted traffic your site receives or how much value your content offers, if your site is hacked, hijacked or suffers a malware injection, your business (and possibly your business’s reputation) is going to suffer for it. Your site may be taken down and held for ransom, it could be used to inject malware on your visitors’ systems or it could be hijacked to send out waves of spam emails – all of which will have immediate consequences, and the effects of some could last for many months. As Ben Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“ a saying which is especially true when it comes to security, whether we’re talking about physical security or the digital version.

IVSEO can perform a comprehensive security audit on your site and advise you what changes should be made to help protect your website from attackers.

Page-Load Optimization

Every website these days needs to be fast-loading – preferably in 3 seconds or less. Page speed is a ranking factor, and visitors don’t have the patience to wait several seconds or more for a page to load – they’ll just bounce back to the SERPs and look someplace else to find what they want.

Our page-load optimization service targets 2 seconds or less for every page on your site. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we can do it for you, too.

Penalty Recovery

One of our specialties is helping websites recover from either algorithmic dampening or manual actions. Since the advent of Penguin, many sites have lost rankings due to a toxic link profile, but there are also types of dampening and manual actions that can remove a site from the front page of the SERPs and deposit it where no man has gone before. Links are not the only thing that can precipitate a manual action from Google. We know how to determine a site’s issues and how to correct them. We can handle the entire process, including the reconsideration request.

Site Audit

Most websites can benefit from an SEO site audit. Such an audit can serve two purposes:

  1. identify technical weaknesses that when corrected, can improve a site’s ability to rank well, engage users and convert well;
  2. identify probable causes of an algorithmic dampening or manual action penalty, that when corrected, can enable a site to begin its recovery.

A typical site audit is a comprehensive study of all aspects of a site, including architecture, usability, accessibility, content quality, conversion issues, an analysis of the site’s incoming link profile, and more.

Link Audit

Using several tools, we harvest your website’s link profile and screen all linking domains for quality and relevance. We then provide you with a spreadsheet, categorizing them by which links we recommend to be eliminated, modified or retained, and prepare a report with specific recommendations for implementation of corrective action. When called for, we can also prepare a disavow file for submission to Google.

SEO Consulting

The finest website on the Internet will do you no good if it doesn’t achieve three basic goals:

  • Appear highly relevant to the desired search queries so that YOUR site will rank highly in the search results;
  • Appear highly relevant to the users so that they will click through and visit your site;
  • Quickly and easily satisfy the users’ needs, in order to convert them into long-term customers.

Various methods may be chosen to accomplish these goals for your site, from social media and link-building to blogging and paid advertising. We’ll collaborate with you to determine who your customers are, where they are and what they’re looking for. Then we’ll help you implement the best strategy to bring you qualified customers for your business.

As stated, there are many different techniques that can be employed to accomplish these tasks, some of which will work for one site, but not for another, depending upon many variables. Our job is to determine which technique is the most viable for YOUR business, and implement a comprehensive SEO campaign to get you optimum results.

Paid Advertising

PPC campaigns can be intimidating to people that don’t understand the process well. It can also be very expensive, if not managed properly. We have experts in paid advertising that can help you keep your ad-spend down and your effectiveness up. They’ll ensure that you’re not throwing your money away to receive traffic that isn’t properly targeted to your offering.

WordPress Websites

It’s difficult for any brick and mortar business to succeed without an Internet presence these days – the Yellow Pages just don’t cut it any more. Most business owners have neither the time nor the experience to build a website that will do their business justice, and for many, the cost of contracting a developer, designer and copywriter can be out of reach. The Intrinsic Value team can have you online in a flash, with a quality website, with all the functionality and usability a professional site should provide. And we can often do it for as little as $1,500. Compare that to the quotations of $2,500-$3,500 for a very basic, 5-page site from many other providers. Don’t you think it’s worth your time to hear what we can offer?

Secondary Services

IVSEO Snapshot

A comprehensive site audit can provide invaluable information on how to get a manual penalty revoked, recover from an algorithmic dampening or simply improve a site’s organic rankings. But a decent audit isn’t cheap. Our Snapshot, basically a 30,000 foot view to determine what areas, if any, warrant further analysis, is a small fraction of the cost and will help you make an informed decision before investing thousands of dollars in a costly site audit that may or may not be necessary. And if a full audit is called for, the cost of the Snapshot will be discounted from the audit cost.

C3 Context Audit

Our C3 Context Audit is a subset of our Site Audit, which focuses on the contextual clarity of your pages/website, in order to determine whether they’ve been optimized for proper classification by the search engines.

Query Research

Most people refer to this as keyword research, as this is what it was called for many years. But search algorithms have evolved, and they no longer merely match a page’s content with the query terms. They now consider a number of characteristics of the query: who is looking, from where, time/day, for what reason, etc. These all serve to help you focus your content to address the most common queries.

Learning what search terms are commonly employed by users to find the products or services you provide is just the first step in attempting to make any site rank well for a given search term. Our query research service considers all the factors that can affect that matching process.

Conversion Optimization

Traffic is a good thing to have, but if they don’t turn into customers, they’re not contributing to your bottom line. The methods of leading a potential customer to what interests them, answering all their questions and overcoming their doubts, and getting them to finalize their purchase are part science and part art. But they’re a critical part of a successful strategy. Our team will build you an effective sales funnel, to increase your sales, even while your total traffic drops, by bringing in only highly targeted users.

On-line Reputation Management

There are two aspects of ORM – the positive and the negative, with the positive ORM usually being the easier of the two. That basically involves establishing your brand as a trusted authority.

Overcoming negative perceptions can be more challenging. Bad reviews, Rip-Off Reports and disparaging comments can be overcome, however. Our ORM experts will work closely with your team to quickly turn negative perceptions around and recover the trust of your brand in the marketplace.