New Page-Load Speed Service Added

It defies logic that so many people are still either unaware or unconcerned about the speed with which their pages load, given that Amit Singhal announced over 10 years ago that Google would henceforth be adding it as a ranking signal.

Add to that the fact that studies indicate a high bounce rate for sites taking even 10 seconds to load, and that according to Google DoubleClick, over 50% of a site’s visitors will bounce if a page hasn’t loaded within 3 seconds – if you’re ignoring the speed of your pages, you’re losing your audience.

We always pay a lot of attention to page-load speed when we do an audit, as the causes are often indications of problems that should be fixed even if page speed wasn’t important for users. We’ve seen an appalling number of slow loading pages up in the 10-second plus range, with more than a few taking over a minute to load.

There are many things that can improve a page’s load speed. Unfortunately, many site owners seem to think that images are the main offender. While it’s true they’re often a big contributor to slow-loading pages, optimizing image file sizes is by no means the only – or necessarily even the most important – aspect of page-load speed optimization.

Page-Load Speed Optimization Service

We’ve begun offering a stand-alone page-load speed service to clients who wish to speed up their pages. This service will include a speed-focused audit of a site’s pages, identification of the cumulative causes and recommendations to resolve the issues.

Where desired, we can also offer implementation. Typically, we can get a page to load consistently in 2 seconds or less, which we can demonstrate via various tools. This is always our goal, even though Google has stated that 3 seconds or less is a good target.

Prices vary, depending upon the size of the website and its current state, how much the site-owner wants us to be involved in implementing the fixes and the resources available (such as original images). Prices typically range between $300 and $700 USD for a small to medium website (up to around 50 pages). Larger sites and ecommerce sites with many products may run higher.

Contact us and ask about our PLSO (Page-Load Speed Optimization) service. We’ll get back to you promptly to quote you a firm price.