Do you Need a Site Audit?

A site audit can yield a lot of very valuable information to allow you to optimize your website effectively. But is the cost always justified? Perhaps not always, but I’d say usually, yes. A quick snapshot of your site can usually tell you if a deeper dig is called for.

If your mechanic proposes an engine overhaul before even checking under the hood, or your doctor suggests surgery before running any tests, you’d rightfully question their judgment, wouldn’t you? The same is true for a site audit. Any reputable SEO is going to have already taken at least a quick look at your site before making a recommendation for a site audit. If they’re quoting you a price before you’ve even shared your domain name, then run, don’t walk.

I’ve established relationships with, and/or learned from, some of the best SEO practitioners around – some that specialize in forensic work – and those that place their integrity above income don’t charge their clients for unnecessary services. I share that philosophy.

Unfortunately, though, just as in any field, there are some that have no compunctions about taking money for services that offer no real value. So caveat emptor applies.

That means that the first step should be to determine if a site audit is called for. And with the ever-changing landscape in search optimization, a professional who spends time every single day, staying abreast of the good, bad and the ugly of SEO is best able to help you make that determination.

That’s why we’ve begun offering our new Snapshot service. Designed to tell you what aspects of your site may derive benefit from a comprehensive analysis, it enables you to make an informed decision, at a tiny fraction (about 5% to 15%) of the cost of a full audit.

Furthermore, if together, we decide that a deeper analysis is advisable, the entire cost of the Snapshot will be credited toward the cost of the audit.

So if you’re wondering if your website would benefit from a site audit, contact us for a no-obligation phone consultation, where we’ll explain in more detail what you’ll get out of our Snapshot service. We perform a limited number of Snapshots each month, though, so reserve your spot now.