Gabriella Sannino

Level 343
Friends for several years, Doc and Gabriella have collaborated on a number of projects and still enjoy working together.
DOB: 08/27/1960
Gabriella Sannino headshot

Gabriella Sannino has worked on the Internet for over 20 years. Her linguistic ability and global understanding of International markets make her an invaluable addition to any global project. Her understanding of cultures, people and industrial psychology has given her the edge when it comes to creating geo-targeted content-centric campaigns. Widely recognized in the social media and SEO world, she shares her knowledge in organic search engine optimization, content development strategy, user experience, branding, marketing and social media.

Her ability to speak several languages has given her a distinct edge on the competition. Her firm understanding of managing global projects has given her the ability to create long-lasting online relationships with her clients.

She’s a no-nonsense gal who shoots from the hip and takes no prisoners. She’s been interviewed for a number of books, magazines and blogs and has a large social following and a weekly blog that continues to give exceptional information.

Learn more about Gabriella on her Google Plus page.