February Special on Site Audits

20% discount extended through February 28th

We’re offering a 20% discount for all technical site audits ordered this month!

Site Owners

After performing a comprehensive technical audit of your website, we provide a formal report, detailing your site’s current status, with specific recommendations to correct any deficiencies we find.

If you’ve seen your rankings or traffic fall off, there’s always a reason for it. Occasionally, it’s simply because your competitors have outpaced you, but most often, it’s because you’ve failed to optimize certain aspects of your site that the search engines’ algorithms consider important. Finding those missed opportunities and helping our clients optimize their sites is our specialty.

Our audit looks at such things as:

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The Triad of Personal Branding

There are many different techniques that can contribute to a personal branding campaign, but I’m only going to touch on the triad that works well for a professional practitioner, such as a consultant. The primary considerations are recognition, authority and reputation, with all three being heavily interlaced.


There’s a slew of different channels that can be used for recognition. The main idea is to get your name out there (obviously, in a positive light), in front of the right people. Social media is certainly one area that can be put to good use, but it shouldn’t be the primary, and it definitely shouldn’t be used solely as a channel for self-promotion.

Social media is better used for… are you ready for this… being social. In other words, interact, build relationships, network. It’s a great place to show your areas of interest, but you’ll find that promoting relevant content from others will generally yield better results than promoting your own.

Some great channels for getting in front of the right people are groups that are focused in your specific topical area. LinkedIn and Facebook have the ability to launch or join topical groups or communities, and for many, they’re an excellent place to establish your credibility.
Quora is

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Benefits vs. Features? NO!

It’s been said by many prominent and successful marketers that marketing content should talk about benefits rather than features. I see that as valid, if you’re addressing an audience that’s still in the early stages of a buying cycle. At that point, they may be undecided about whether or not what you’re peddling is worth the cost, effort, or risk.

The Big Mistake

If they’re beyond the point of being simply intrigued, though, they’ll most often transition into a comparison mode, looking also at your offering’s price and features against their other options. This is the point in the cycle at which many marketers will shift their content’s focus from benefits to features.

Comparing apples and orangesIf all the other options are presented the same way, then the customer will be comparing apples and apples. But let’s think a moment about the process the user is going through.

Somehow, their initial attention is captured and they view a page – maybe yours, maybe a competitor’s. They’re intrigued enough to absorb some of the information, and hopefully, their interest grows sufficiently that they do some comparison shopping.

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