Bill Slawski on the Present and Future Internet

When I first set out to learn SEO, I started following just about everyone that had something to say and an audience to say it to. It wasn’t too long before I started weeding out the folks that were just talking because they could, and start focusing more on the folks that were saying something worth listening to.

Over the years, I’ve found reason to ignore some folks, as well as discovered a few I wish I’d known five years sooner. But of those I followed from the very beginning and still do, one stands out among all others.

Gabriella and I had the pleasure of hanging out with Bill Slawski, of SEO by the Sea, for an hour, discussing some of the present capabilities for making use of the data harvested online, and some future applications we may see coming down the pike. There’s some great stuff possible, that could help a lot of people. But like any other technology, there’s potential for harm, too.

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