About Steve Gerencser

Steve Gerencser headshot

Steve is a search geek, website developer, and artist and he comes to us with web experience nearly as long as the World Wide Web. He built his first commercial website in 1995 and he’s seen every internet marketing tactic come and go; from webrings to the early days of search through the current search and social media explosion.

He has started, built, and sold 8 businesses and dozens of websites over the last 25 years and he has a firm grasp on the many challenges facing small startups. That makes him uniquely qualified to help small businesses leverage their limited resources for maximum results.

His background in tried, true, and tested marketing techniques outside the world of search gives him an advantage over most “SEOs”, because he’s not locked in to just one method of gaining qualified traffic and customers for his clients. He’s as comfortable with print marketing as he is with its digital counterpart and he knows how to leverage them both to get the biggest bang for his client’s buck.

A Designer’s Eye

Add to this his years in the artistic worlds of architecture and graphic design, and a passion for programming – he brings to us the ability to create a variety of website solutions from basic CMS installation and modification through the creation of highly customized websites when the specific needs of our clients call for it.

High Impact for Low Ad-spend

Steve is also our resident expert on all things dealing with paid ads. Whether working with Google Ads or paid social media ads, he’s learned how to optimize advertising impact for his clients, while minimizing their ad spend. He focuses on spending his clients’ money as if it were his own – sparingly.

He is also our in-house analytics guru. He builds customized reporting dashboards tailored to each client’s niche and situation, which allows him to swiftly respond to changes originating with either the platform or the market. Naturally, that also enables him to answer a client’s questions at a quick glance.

You can learn more about Steve on his business website, Steam Driven Media, his personal website, SteveG.com, or on his LinkedIn profile.