Doc Sheldon

With nearly forty years in marketing, as well as editing and publishing newspapers and magazines, Doc had a good foundation for his migration to online marketing in 2003.After a couple of years of intense study of SEO, he started Doc Sheldon’s Clinic, first offering SEO copywriting services, and finally expanding into content strategy and SEO.

Another couple of years passed, and Doc and his partner, Lisa, launched Top Shelf Copy, a content strategy agency, with 24 professional copywriters. The business continued to grow, and with more freedom from copywriting, Doc began offering various SEO services, from audits to consulting.

But the Top Shelf business limited the agency’s ability to focus on SEO consulting, so after another year and a half, Doc decided to split the SEO functions off to a separate agency: Intrinsic Value SEO, also a division of Doc Sheldon’s Clinic.

Having always enjoyed learning new cultures and languages, Doc has lived in eleven different countries, always immersing himself to fully absorb the culture. As a result, he has a deep appreciation for the nuances of marketing in various cultural environments, each being unique in some fashion.

So it was natural that he began specializing in international marketing and SEO, and developed close working relationships with professionals all over the world. He knows that knowing the language isn’t enough… a marketer must know the people.

Differences in customs, religion, politics and a myriad of other aspects of a culture make international marketing interesting and exciting, and Doc loves working in both established and emerging markets to help clients realize their business’s full potential.

You can learn more about Doc from his LinkedIn profile.