About Us


in·trin·sic – adj. \in-ˈtrin-zik, -ˈtrin(t)-sik\. : belonging to the essential nature of a thing : occurring as a natural part of something 

In our context, we refer to the value that a website or webpage provides to users. By extension, of course, that also means the value that’s provided to the search engines, because without quality content to return for queries, the engines will fade quickly. We focus on making crystal clear to users and search engines what each page is about, in order to ensure optimum relevance. That translates to highly targeted visitors to your site.

Intrinsic Value SEO is an off-shoot of Doc Sheldon’s Clinic. Originally, we did everything from the Clinic, but our main focus was content strategy and copywriting. As the business grew, we founded Top Shelf Copy, and more or less moved everything there.

As we grew and our offering expanded to include SEO consulting, we began thinking about splitting off the SEO functions to a new site. That process, unfortunately, took a couple of years… a typical tale of the cobbler’s barefoot kids.

What We’re About

Finally, here we are, a division of Doc Sheldon’s Clinic, sister company to Top Shelf Copy, the content strategy and copywriting division. Our focus is on general SEO, including:

  • Custom, fully optimized, fast WordPress sites
  • Website security
  • Penalty recovery
  • SEO consulting
  • Site Audits
  • Keyword and Query Research
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Paid Advertising

I’ve been studying SEO, more or less full-time, for about 14 years and consulting to SEO clients for about 12. I say “more or less full-time” because I dedicate around 40 hours per week to staying abreast of new developments and testing. The other 60 or 70 hours per week is spent in managing the businesses and servicing our clients’ needs.

Search is constantly evolving and in order to provide the best possible advice to our clients, we have to be aware of each and every change, along with all the nuances of their effects on our clients’ websites. Keeping current is a full-time job.

Where We Do It

Intrinsic Value currently has clients in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania, some of which are country-specific, while others are multi-national. In fact, we’ve already launched our Australian division and plans are being made for a UK division later in 2017.

We specialize in well-developed campaigns that are highly sensitive to our clients’ target markets, in terms of language, culture, religion, political climate and bio-diversity.

We enjoy very productive alliances with other highly skilled SEOs in a number of countries, with whom we have worked for years. So we have no qualms whatsoever saying that we can deliver on our promises – we’ve been delivering successfully for quite some time.

I’ve been following the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Managing Consultants for over three decades – it has become an integral part of our business philosophy. You should never expect less from any consultant.

Contact us now for a no-obligation cost proposal, whether you need a comprehensive site audit, an ongoing SEO management program or anything in between. One of us will get back to you as quickly as possible, so we can start you on the path to improving your bottom line.