Time is Everything

It’s not exactly news to say that the Internet undergoes constant change – those of us that work online are totally aware of that, sometimes painfully so. But how do we view that change?

For an SEO or digital marketer, for instance, our attention may be divided between what is different today, compared to yesterday, and what shape tomorrow’s changes may take. The engineers inside the search engines’ conclaves, on the other hand, probably spend part of their time trying to improve what they’re already doing and the rest figuring out what they may be able to accomplish that their competitors aren’t doing.

But how often do we think about the changes occurring with the users? After all, aren’t they our real targets?

I follow Gary Vaynerchuk pretty closely. He’s a very sharp guy who always has his eye on consumers. Not just on what catches their attention… but why it does. And in a recent keynote (the whole thing rocks, but it’s right after 28:05 that he makes this point) he made a point that I think is very valid. In explaining why he hates Samsung (and he goes out of his way to point it out), he hit on what I think is the biggest online cultural change that, as marketers, many are missing…

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