Ch. 14 – Which is your Font of Wisdom?

Which is Your Font of Wisdom?


From my standpoint, the most reliable source of information is that which only offers what is known to be true. Opinions are fine, but they should be couched as just that… opinion. Opinions, however, usually won’t stand the scrutiny of someone on a fact-finding mission.

I rarely seek facts from others. I may ask their opinion, suggestion or observation, but I tend to tune out those that present them as facts. A fact is something that can be independently substantiated, and if the source is reliable, I’ve found that they’ll usually offer that substantiation up front. If I am looking for facts, I’m more likely to ask for a reference where I can find the information myself.

The blogs that I most enjoy reading are those that present their opinion and offer the evidence that led them to it. They make me think it through, and the result will usually carry more weight than simply stating their opinion or offering the evidence, separately.

Bill Slawski, for instance, in his dissection of patents, will cite certain aspects of the patent application, present the possible alternative interpretations that he sees there, and then offer his opinion as to which interpretation is most credible. That’s ideal, in my opinion. He makes me think, he teaches me something in the process and he makes it quite clear that his opinion is only that… an opinion.

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Ch. 13 – Mentoring Others – Critical Thinking

Mentoring Others


I mentioned paying it forward in a previous chapter. That’s a concept I’ve practiced for many years, as my way of saying thanks to the people that have offered me their help, when there was no way I could possibly pay them back. Instead, I pay it forward¸ freely giving my assistance to others. If they express a desire to pay me back for the favor, I suggest they follow the same policy.

I’ve had the satisfaction of mentoring a few people in my lifetime, and found it to be a tremendously rewarding experience. Personally, I get some satisfaction out of giving something with no other reason other than that I can. Perhaps that’s human nature, to feel good about doing some good.

But I find it even more fulfilling to see someone take what’s offered and build upon it, turning it into something even more valuable.

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Ch. 12 – Any Regrets – Critical Thinking

Any Regrets?


If you had it to do all over again…

Not a very complex question, but one that can give rise to some complex reflection. Personally, I adhere to a similar philosophy as Steve, as he states below. I am what I am, because of what I’ve done… to change that would change what I am.

Nevertheless, I still wouldn’t change my decision to dive into the SEO pool – even the deep end. I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, and this certainly supplies that. Besides, it’s interesting and fun. Even small victories are enjoyable, when earned, and in SEO, you earn every inch.

Then there’s the people. I’ve met some great folks in the last decade, and I’ve managed to build some great relationships in the process. Some of those people are represented here, and others here may one day count me as a friend. So I’m very pleased with the outcome, and wouldn’t change it for the world.

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