Finding your Site’s Intrinsic Value

The days of being able to get a site to rank by simply acquiring a lot of inbound links are long gone. The search engines’ algorithms are now able to detect, fairly accurately, the abusive practices that used to work.

They’re also getting better every day at determining what topic a page or a website most focuses on, while learning the patterns they encounter, thus becoming more effective over time. While the Semantic Web that Sir Tim Berners-Lee dreamed of is still not upon us, it may be on the not too distant horizon. Progress has certainly been made in that direction.

Nearly every policy statement coming from Google these days uses terms like “quality” and “value”. While this doesn’t signal any sort of new direction on their part, any marketing professional that’s paying attention knows that they mean it. Those policies have teeth.

Just as the Internet is evolving, so must those who take their income from any aspect of online marketing. That implies a need to stay abreast of all the minor and major changes to the SEO and SEM landscape. And that’s a considerable task, given that Google alone implements upwards of 500 updates each year. Granted, most of those updates are of a minor nature, but some are momentous… so much so that a failure to either foresee them or respond instantaneously can be catastrophic.

Obviously, foresight is the preferable method. Always coloring between the lines is the safest strategy, as that allows you to rest easy, regardless of what an update might bring. While it’s true that there’ve been instances in which an activity that Google used to recommend suddenly becomes toxic, those are few and far between. And to be fair, Google has always provided ample warning before implementing such a reversal. You or your consultant simply need to be paying attention. Any SEO or Internet marketer that doesn’t keep up will get left behind – and their clients will suffer the consequences.

There seems to be an endless parade of “newest” strategies and techniques, and many SEOs latch onto the strategy du jour and focus on only that – until the next “newest” thing appears. Those are the firms that often don’t pay enough attention to the signals Google sends. They fail to see the reason behind the changes… the goal.

The goal, of course, is no secret. In fact, it’s one of the few things about Google that has been clearly broadcasted for quite some time. They want to deliver quality results to searchers. They have to. If they don’t, their ability to sell ads will quickly evaporate. And in order to deliver the best results, they need to find the intrinsic value in a site and its pages.

There isn’t just one goal, however. There are other contributing goals. They shift and change with each new acquisition and each new manipulative technique detected. As new issues arise, new solutions are implemented. And each change presents new challenges and opportunities.

Polishing the Intrinsic Value in your Site

This is where Intrinsic Value SEO can deliver the goods. We invest a tremendous amount of energy, every single day, in keeping up to date on what techniques and strategies are effective – not just the “newest” – all of them. We develop a strategy using every solid technique that makes sense for your business, focused on helping you outrank your competitors.

We’ll find the intrinsic value in your site and polish it, so you can show it to the world. Contact us today, for a quick explanation of how we’d do that for your site.